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SIPNA Mailing Address
P.O. Box 171301
Memphis, TN 38187-1301

Bounded on the West by the East side of Mount
    Moriah Road
Bounded on the North by the Southern Railroad
    east to Interstate 240
Bounded on the East by Interstate 240
Bounded on the South by Interstate 240


67-1 North Border = Southern Railroad Tracks,
       South Border = Sea Isle Road,
       West Border = Mt Moriah Road,
       East Border = Estate Drive
67-2 North Border = Sea Isle Road,
       South Border = Interstate 240,
       West Border = Mt Moriah Road,
       East Border = Estate to Timmons to Hayne
67-3 North Border = Railroad
       South Border = Interstate 240
       West Border = Estate to Timmons to Hayne
       East Border = Interstate 240


Welcome to the Sea Isle Park Neighborhood Association!
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We are pleased to have you visit our web site where you can learn about SIPNA and meet the Officers and volunteers. We all have a common serve you and keep you informed of events in Our Neighborhood concerning you and your family. We hope we can supply you with pertinent information for you and your family. There is more information inside our website for Members, so if you are not a Member of SIPNA you might want to fill out an Application which is above under the "Information" tab. We believe we have a lot to offer in SIPNA and we are constantly gathering information on your Neighborhood. If we have not covered information you are looking for on this page please feel free to send us an email.
New Information:
  • The SIPNA Election is now over,
    click here to see your New Officers.
  • SIPNA Membership Form
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  • Pay your Dues Online
Old Information :
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The Mt Moriah Station Neighborhood Watch Meeting is every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 pm at the Mt Moriah Station, 2602 Mt Moriah. Everyone is welcome to attend, but if you have questions you can call (901) 636-4199.   See the SIPNA Calendar for more information.
SIPNA has had a FaceBook Group and a FaceBook Page for sometime now.   Please come visit our FaceBook activities at Sea Isle Park Neighborhood Association (SIPNA),  
to keep up with what is happening in your active SIPNA neighborhood. Businesses are also welcome to post and inform Our Residents concerning their respective business.
SIPNA General Meetings are quarterly on the 3rd Thursday @ 7:00 pm.

Professional Organizations:
No Limits Personalized Tutoring, 2885 Kirby Rd, (901) 435-6297
McWherter Senior Citizen's Center, 1355 Estate Dr., (901) 761-2462
Advanced Landscape, Design, Hardscapes & Maintenance
ACE Hardware, 5143 Quince 38117 at White Station (901) 683-8688
Christ the King Lutheran Church, 5296 Park Ave, (901) 682-8404
Woodland Presbyterian Church, 5217 Park Ave, (901) 682-3349